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Patisserie Pink!
Sweet acrylic jewellery
Recent Entries 
Welcome to Patisserie Pink! Acrylic jewellery designed and made by blondedebates

*Current Designs and prices*

*Most recent sales post* UP!
*Etsy* (Nothing yet!)
*Pre-orders* UP!

*Comparison between polished and non-polished*

*Suggestions post!*
1st-Nov-2011 05:02 pm - BEARS!
Marby drawn Kyra

Possible future designs - what do you think? Personally I think the brown bear is adorable but I'm not sure the chocolate house worked as well as I hoped it would.

Obviously there's a world of difference between a drawing and a 3D object buut con-crit would be accepted with love <3

Other designs (hopefully) coming up soon:

Puppet Circus (gold/red gold/black gold/pink(?)) necklaces and two way clips
Wonder Story/Wonder Party/Wonder Cookie compatible teacups (blue/pink and black/gold)
Wonder Cookies
Drink me necklaces
Bunnies (black)
Bunnies (2-way clips)
Bunny book (necklaces)
Bunny book rings (sparkly red)
26th-Oct-2011 09:43 am - Preorders!
Marby drawn Kyra
Update 3! Acrylic is in and made and just needs polishing! Will be starting that this evening

Update 2! Acrylic is being cut today (16th Nov) so I expect delivery to be on Friday or Monday?

Update! Sorry for the delay, the company that cuts the acrylic has been a bit flooded with orders recently and took a long time to send the invoice. Paid today (10th Nov) and it normally takes around 5 working days for delivery but I reckon unfortunately it'll be longer than that due to backlog etc :( Will keep you informed!

1x glitter pink book pendant (polished)

Total £15. Deposit £5 (paid)

1x white bunny ring (polished)
1x red glitter book ring (polished)

Total £30 plus shipping. Deposit £10 (paid)

1x Red Glitter Bunny Book, pink spine (polished)
1x White Bunny, glitter red bow, ring size (polished)
1x White Bunny, glitter red bow, 2-way size (polished)

Total £50 plus shipping. Deposit £15 (paid)
all sent out - thank you!!

1x horses and carriage ring set (polished)
1x Drink me pendant (polished)
1x rabbit with red bow ring (polished)

Total £58.20 inc shipping (paid)
26th-Oct-2011 12:51 am - Sales!
Marby drawn Kyra
Sales post is up! Also taking pre-orders and customs!

24th-Oct-2011 09:24 pm - Suggestions and re-colour post.
Marby drawn Kyra
Please comment here if you'd like to see existing designs in additional colours or pieces in specific motifs or to match certain prints! Please agree with existing suggestions by replying to their comment if possible, thanks!
Marby drawn Kyra
I can polish the jewellery for an additional charge; this is a long process using 9 different grades of polishing cloth and a dust mask must be worn throughout.

It smoothes and rounds the edges for a smooth look and feel similar to AP's jewellery. It also creates nice details in some pieces, for example the wheels of the carriages turn from flat circles into little domes.

Q: Which should I choose?
A: Completely up to you! Personally I prefer the look and feel of the polished pieces but it's much easier for me not to polish them so I really don't mind what you pick! Take a look through the comparison pictures - if you still can't decide, just ask and I'll try photographing them with a better lens

Comparison pics:

Polished (please ignore that the rabbit on the black one is a bit scruffy. This was the first one I did and I used too much glue! Learnt from that mistake now!)



unpolished on the left, polished on the right










24th-Oct-2011 09:14 pm - Current designs
Marby drawn Kyra
Current prices:
Rings (unpolished): £10 ea (approx $16USD)
Rings (polished): £15 ea (approx $24USD)
Two way clips and pendants (unpolished): £15 ea (approx $24USD)
Two way clips and pendants (polished): £20 ea (approx $32USD)
Complete necklaces (unpolished): £20 ea (approx $32USD) (polished: £25/$40)

Bunny rings (Match AP's Wonder Story)

£10 each unpolished (front)
£15 each polished (back)

Present box rings

Black x glitter black
Black x glitter pink
£10 each unpolished (flat)
£15 each polished (standing)

Bunny books (Match Ap's Wonder Story)

£10 each unpolished (front)
£15 each polished (back)

(pre-orders can be customised. Spine and/or bunny can be black, pink or white)

Drink me rings (Match Ap's Wonder Story)

£10 each unpolished (front)
£15 each polished (back)

Drink me two way clips

£15 each unpolished (most)
£20 each polished (far left)

Cinderella pumpkin carriages

£10 each unpolished (front)
£15 each polished (back)
(carriage and two horses ring set £15 unpolished)

Birdcage pendants

Pre-polished £15 each
(Can be made into an necklace for an additional charge)
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